Smart flexible system
for end-to-end automation
of fuel retail

Easy management of fuel station network, which ensures expansion of your business
Monitoring of all fuel station activities, which minimizes retailer’s losses
New level of customer service
Major corporative clients attracted
Reputation of an innovative company
Customer service
  • Fuel sales: for volume, for sum, pre-paid, post-paid
  • Payment options: cash, banking card, fuel card, bonuses
  • Support of mixed payments
  • Services, wet and dry stock products – all in one bill
Loyalty systems
  • Loyalty cards
  • Flexible customization of bonus programs
  • Multiple types of discount applied simultaneously
  • Promo actions
  • Card authorization online
Fuel station monitoring
  • Strict implementation of business processes customized in accordance with retailer’s needs
  • User identification, flexible access rights
  • Monitoring of all fuel station activities
  • Data analysis and abuse detection
  • Real-time remote control of all fuel station activities
Equipment management
  • Support of equipment of all world leading producers
  • Automatic equipment search and configuration
  • Real-time equipment monitoring
  • Real-time equipment failure notification
Management of fuel station network
  • Real-time data collection and analysis
  • Reports on wet & dry stock products movement and balance
  • Forecasting of wet & dry stock products movement and balance
  • Integration with any ERP systems
B2B service
  • Fuel cards with cash / volume funds
  • Client’s personal account for card management
  • Limit setting, monitoring of card transactions
  • Data analysis and abuse detection
  • Fuel expenditure analysis

Why GasNet?

fuel gas stations
in 9 countries
years of expertise
in development

Case-by-case approach: system is customized according to client’s business needs

Quick integration with any new equipment

Fuel station staff training

Software customization according to local specificities

Support service

Cooperation with local representatives that:
  • passed GasNet training
  • have GasNet certificate
  • experienced in local specific
reduction of thefts by station staff
reduction of expenses due to automated scheduling of fuel resupply
increase of average bill value due to extra-sales of dry stock products and services
increase of sales due to speed up of customer service

Among our clients

We invite to partnership!

Looking for equipment suppliers and service companies to become GasNet dealers
  • Training, webinars, seminars, certification
  • Timely and free-of-charge consultations on all GasNet related issues: software deployment, configuration, maintenance.
  • Promotional and advertising materials, demo packages
  • Highly favorable terms of partnership
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Our products


Automation of fuel and C-store goods sales at fuel station.

GasNet Office

Head office system designed for management of fuel station network. Collecting complete and detailed data from all fuel stations.

GasNet FuelTruck

Sealed Parcel Delivery System. Cloud-based solution that ensures fuel safekeeping while its transportation. Monitoring and control of fuel loading & discharge.

GasKit TankFarm

Fuel management system for tank farms. Software for automation of fuel loading, delivery and safekeeping. Losses reduced & safety enhanced!